SEIWA office papers

Seiwa is our owned branded premier paper for high quality, superior performance and sustainability. Multi-purpose 80gA4 features both multi-directional and dual-sided printability. Color printing papers offering unbeatable quality of full color printing, ensure razar-sharp printing and vibrant color rendering for striking results and does a great job. From 90g to 160g fits your requirements of pinting reports, brochures and manuals etc.

Hammermill papers

The Hammemill paper company founded in 1898, was the first to market laser paper. Hammermill is the most purchased paper brand for the business of all sizes. With a brand portfolio of options for all your office paper needs. Hammermill is the brand you can trust to Make Your Work Look Better.
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Xerox papers

Xerox has a comprehensive range of paper designed from the ground up to run smoothly and efficiently through your printers and copiers- from the first document to the last. Paper from Xerox ( Fujixerox) maximise productivity minimise downtime and the related cost of wasted consumablesand service calls. The result is nothing less than the world's best paper for your printing and copying systems.
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Mondi papers

Mondi is an international packaging and paper group, employing around 25000 people across more than 30 countries. With full range of professional printing and office papers create synergies along the entire value chain.
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Boise papers

Boise paper is a division of Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) For over 100 years, the Boise namehas grown to represent collabration and trust.
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Georgia Pacific papers

Georgia Pacific papers are made with you in mind. From independent testing to he technology employ, the goal is to ensure consistent high quality documents every time you print. GP is one of only few paper companies with products that have earned a BLI certification.
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HP papers

Spanning many types and sizes, HP makes it easy for you to print with professional results in house. HP professional papers can help you maximise the impact of your printing.
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UPM papers

UPM is the world's leading producer of graphic papers and a supplier of a wide product range that include magazine, newprint, fine and speciality papers. UPM believes in the future of print and its effective, coexistence with digital media.
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Domtar papers

Domtar is one of the world's largest producer of market kraft pulp. Domtar business and office papers get the job done – more accurately, more reliably and cost effectively, more than 11 different papers in variety of weights, funished and colors.
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Data Copy papers

Data Copy offers a smooth and versatile paper delivers excellent color results.
Ideal for test and graphics it can be used in all office equipment. Data Copy is ideal for color presentations and reports, everyday communications and volume use.
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